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Call To Perseverance

TipriTV. com All who dwell on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain. If anyone has an ear, let him hear. If anyone is destined for captivity, to captivity he goes; if anyone kills with the sword, with the sword he must be killed. Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints. Revelation 13:8-10

Day by day, the reality of these end times prophecies are getting more intense and scary. The reference to beasts makes the forces of evil look worse than they seem or are they as heinous as their description? What is God saying to us today?

In all the imagery of chapter 13, these verses above caught my attention as they answer the question of the purpose of all the strife, misleading and trickery expressed. There is enough in each verse of this chapter to dwell on for days whether it be the character of the beasts, their similarities and differences, the possible explanation of what they are and how they will achieve it, etc.

However, for me personally, I do realize that we live in a broken world marked by chaos and strife. We live in times when no one is trustworthy because everyone is in it for themselves. Politicians, social workers, teachers, doctors, scientists, peacemakers, etc. are all people united in the commonness of purpose which is to serve themselves and their egos. I count myself as one of the broken and don't look at the world through my own righteous eyes but as one who is a part of it.

To me there seems obviously no hope in going the path we lead. Peace and sanity are not possible as long as we work through our own selfishness. We need a hope that is not of this world and is a permanent cure to our maladies. That hope can only come from someone greater than all men, from someone who conceived us, from someone not bound by the paradigm of this world and someone who is so great yet so personal that can relate to each of us.

Yes, that someone is Jesus Christ, the Son of God who fulfilled all those aspects and more and He is waiting with arms open to receive us. He is the Lamb that was slain for us to make way for our salvation. He is the one who has written our names in His book of life and calls out to us patiently.

The hope He gives us is not in this world but with Him for eternity in heaven in the presence of His father, and therefore we who are suffering in this world need not suffer anymore because we know that this life as we know it has to pass and the real life that is in Him is due to come soon.

The beast and all his devious ways might get our human bodies but when we are saved by the redeeming blood of Christ, our souls are safe with Christ and so what we are called to is perseverance. I pray today that we would set our eyes on Jesus and gladly carry our cross bringing many to His saving grace and walking towards our home in heaven for eternity.

In His Loving Service,

Matthew 25:34 "Then the King will say to those on His right, 'Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

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