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Growing Up in Your Marriage
by David Hawkins, 1 week ago
Researchers are clear—when contempt and acrimony flood a relationship, a physical or emotional separation is ...
Sounds of Silence - Getting Unplugged
by Guest Writer, on June 15, 2014
“We are afraid of silence. I get into the car, I turn on my radio. ...
Moms' Night Out movie: Laughs, plus hope for frazzled moms
by Rusty Wright, on May 09, 2014
Want laughs, plus a way to tell a mother she's loved? Take her to ...

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Made in the USA: Regulations Keeping Jobs Overseas?
CBN News, on July 23, 2014
<p>Hundreds of companies are bringing production home to the United States instead of chasing cheap ...
Troubled Teens Benefit from Attending Top Schools
CBN News, on July 23, 2014
<span lang="EN"> <p>Disadvantaged teens who attend top schools might not only get an academic boost, but ...
Wildfires Claim Area Four Times the Size of Seattle
CBN News, on July 23, 2014
<p>Flames have consumed more than 940,000 acres in Oregon and Washington state, as wildfires continue ...