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The Identical movie: Elvis-esque, secret past, conflicting dreams
by Rusty Wright, on September 04, 2014
Ever have trouble getting people you love to embrace your life dreams? You'll likely ...
New Football Movie: Character trumps winning
by Rusty Wright, on August 18, 2014
Could a football coach who teaches that character trumps winning … win games consistently? ...
Self Pity: A comfort zone or Coffin Box
by Edward Kuntam, on August 04, 2014
If only I had money… if only I had that opportunity... if only I am ...

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Obamacare Premiums Skyrocket Among Young
CBN News, on November 01, 2014
<p>The Affordable Care Act could be making healthcare more expensive, according to a new study. ...
Giants Snag Third World Series in Three Years
CBN News, on November 01, 2014
<p>The San Francisco Giants won the biggest title in baseball again Wednesday night, snagging their ...
River of Molten Lava Threatens Hawaiian Homes
CBN News, on November 01, 2014
A river of burning lava is threatening to swallow up homes in Hawaii. ...