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New Football Movie: Character trumps winning
by Rusty Wright, 4 days ago
Could a football coach who teaches that character trumps winning … win games consistently? ...
Self Pity: A comfort zone or Coffin Box
by Edward Kuntam, on August 04, 2014
If only I had money… if only I had that opportunity... if only I am ...
Growing Up in Your Marriage
by David Hawkins, on July 13, 2014
Researchers are clear—when contempt and acrimony flood a relationship, a physical or emotional separation is ...

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Teenage Lawmaker? Saira Blair Could Make History
CBN News, on August 21, 2014
At 17, most high school seniors focus on prom, graduation, and college. But not always. ...
Criminals Embedding Themselves in Ferguson Protests
CBN News, on August 21, 2014
<p>It's been almost two weeks since the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, and the protests ...
Supreme Court Delays Same-Sex Marriage in Virginia
CBN News, on August 21, 2014
<p>The Supreme Court is delaying the start of same-sex marriage in Virginia.</p> ...